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Shader Logs

Shader compilation and linking logs contain important information about . provides a single interface to in the form of a compiler message type and an error log formatting function.




Contains information about one compilation message.

export type CompilerMessage = {
type: 'error' | 'warning' | 'info';
message: string;
lineNum: number;
linePos: number;

A shader compiler would typically return an array of CompilerMessage objects.

This type is intentionally compatible with the WebGPU CompilerMessage type.



Formats compiler messages, optionally interleaving them with the source code.

export function formatCompilerLog(
shaderLog: readonly CompilerMessage[],
source: string,
options?: {
showSourceCode?: boolean;
): string;
  • shaderLog - an array of compiler messages.
  • source - the original source code.
  • options.showSourceCode - if true, shows 3 lines of source code before each error.