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Overview is packaged and published as a suite of composable npm modules, so that applications can choose what functionality they need.

ModuleUsageDescription "Abstract" Device API (implemented by both the webgpu and webgl modules). *Device adapter implemented using the WebGPU API. Enables creation of WebGPU resources *Device adapter implemented using the WebGL API. Enables creation of WebGL resources. set of WebGPU/WebGL independent core 3D engine style classes built on top of for modularizing and composing shader code, shader module system,, shader modules. scenegraph loading and instantiation etc. setups, in particular support for rendering and comparing images.

* At least one backend, either WebGL or WebGPU, must be installed to enable GPU resource creation. also publishes a legacy moduls that should be avoided in new applications.

Legacy ModuleStatusDescriptionReplacement constants.No longer used in v9.