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A TextureView is a view onto some subset of the texture subresources defined by a particular Texture.

Subresource Selection

The set of texture subresources of a texture view view, is the subset of the subresources of the associated Texture for which each subresource satisfies the following:

  • The mipmap level of s is ≥ props.baseMipLevel and < props.baseMipLevel + props.mipLevelCount.
  • The array layer of s is ≥ props.baseArrayLayer and < props.baseArrayLayer + props.arrayLayerCount.
  • The aspect of s is in the set of aspects of props.aspect.

Render Extent

There is an implicit "render extent" associated with a renderable TextureView. This render extent depends on the baseMipLevel.

TextureView Aliasing

Two TextureView objects are texture-view-aliasing if and only if their sets of subresources intersect.


const texture = device.createTexture({...});
const textureView = texture.createView({...});





The constructor for TextureView should not be called directly. Use Texture.createView() instead.