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The Shader class holds a compiled shader.

  • It takes shader source code and compiles it during construction.
  • Shaders are used as inputs when creating RenderPipeline and ComputePipeline objects.
  • A Shader is immutable and the same compiled shader can safely be referenced by many pipelines.


Create a pair of shaders

const vs = device.createShader({stage: 'vertex', source});
const fs = device.createShader({stage: 'fragment', source});



Properties for a Shader

idstringname/identifier (for debugging)
stage'vertex' | 'fragment' | 'compute'Required by WebGL
sourcestringShader source code
sourceMap?stringWebGPU only
language?'glsl' | 'wgsl'wgsl in WebGPU only
entryPoint?stringWGSL only, name of main function
debug'error' (default) 'never' | 'warnings' | 'alwaysWill show a popup in the canvas with error log


  • device: Device - holds a reference to the
  • handle: unknown - holds the underlying WebGL or WebGPU shader object
  • props: ShaderProps - holds a copy of the ShaderProps used to create this Shader.


constructor(props: ShaderProps)

Shader is an abstract class and cannot be instantiated directly. Create with device.createShader(...).

destroy(): void

Free up any GPU resources associated with this shader immediately (instead of waiting for garbage collection).

getInfoLog(): Promise<CompilerMessage[]>

Returns an array of CompilerMessage entries containing errors and warnings from the compilation.

getTranslatedSource(): string | null

On some WebGL 2 systems, it is possible to query the translated shader source in the host platform's native language (HLSL, GLSL, and even GLSL ES).

debugShader(trigger?: 'error' | 'never' | 'warnings' | 'always'): void

Shows the shader log in a popup in the canvas if the debug condition is met 'error' |\ 'never' \| 'warnings' \| 'always'. Shows errors inline with the source code. If translated source is available (getTranslatedSource()), shows the translated source after the original source. Note that translated source is only available if shader compilation succeeds.


  • Shader compilation is fairly fast, in particular compared to Pipeline linking.
  • In WebGL, checking for shader compile status and pipeline link status is expensive as it forces a GPU sync.
  • Therefore checking is not done unless luma.log.level > 0. If your program fails to render, please increase the level.
  • If the shader-async-status-webgl feature is available, WebGL will use async shader compilation and pipeline linking.