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The field holds a small DeviceInfo object that provides information about the device, such as driver, GPU, shading language etc.


import {Device} from '';

const device: Device = ...;
if ( === 'nvidia') {


FieldThis BrowserDescription
typeN/ADevice type webgpu, webgl2 or webgl
vendorN/AGPU vendor
rendererN/AGPU Driver
versionN/ADriver version
gpuN/Aapple, intel, nvidia, amd, software or unknown
gpuTypeN/Adiscrete, integrated, cpu or unknown
gpuBackendN/Ametal, opengl, vulkan, d3d12, ... or unknown
gpuArchitectureN/Acommon-3 on Apple
shadingLanguageN/AShanding language wgsl, glsl
shadingLanguageVersionN/AShading language version GLSL 3.00 = 300, GLSL 1.00 = 100)