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The ScenegraphNode is a base class for objects in the scene graph, such as Model, Group and Camera. It holds the transformation matrix (i.e. the position, orientation and scale) of the object.


ScenegraphNode is a base class, normally only instantiated via base classes.

const model = new Model();
.setPosition([0, 1, 2])


A Model instance has a number of public properties that can be accessed/modified:

  • position (object) - A Vector3 indicating the position of the Model.
  • rotation (object) - A Vector3 indicating the rotation of the Model.
  • scale (object) - A Vecto3 indicating the scaling of the Model.
  • matrix (object) - A Matrix4 containing information about position, rotation and scale.

This matrix gets updated each time the method update is called on a Model instance.


matrix (Number[16])

The model matrix of this scenegraph node.


constructor(props : Object)

var node = new Model(gl, props);

setProps(props: Object)

  • position (Number[3]) - Sets the position part of the matrix
  • rotation (Number[3]) - Sets the rotation part of the matrix
  • scale (Number[3]) - Sets the scale part of the matrix

Note that setting orientation props does not actually update the object's matrix. update() must be called.

getBounds() : [min: number[], max: number[]] | null

Calculate the bounding box of the node.

update() - DEPRECATED

Update the model matrix. Useful to update changes to the position, rotation or scale properties.



  • Before v7, ScenegraphNode was called Object3D.