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A basic projection module.

Makes it easy to ensure a set of shaders all use the same uniforms when calculating positions.


getUniforms take the following parameters when the picking module is included.

  • projection (Array[16], false) -
  • view (Array[16], identity) -

Vertex Shader Functions

vec4 project_toClipspace(vec4 point)

The most frequently used project operation.

  • point (vec3) - Projects a point to clipspace


// A "minimal" vertex shader
void main(void) {
gl_Position = project_toClipspace(position);

Fragment Shader Functions

The same functions that are available to the vertex shader are also available to the fragment shader. This is intended to support e.g. lighting calculations in the fragment shader.


// camera and object matrices uniform mat4 viewMatrix; uniform mat4 viewInverseMatrix; uniform mat4 projectionMatrix; uniform mat4 viewProjectionMatrix;

// objectMatrix * viewMatrix = worldMatrix uniform mat4 worldMatrix; uniform mat4 worldInverseMatrix; uniform mat4 worldInverseTransposeMatrix; uniform mat4 objectMatrix; uniform vec3 cameraPosition;