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Using Shader Modules


To add/inject existing modules into your shaders, just add the modules parameter to your assembleShaders call:

import {shaderModule} from 'library-of-shader-modules';
const {vs, fs, getUniforms, moduleMap} = assembleShaders(gl, {
  fs: '...',
  vs: '...',
  modules: [shaderModule],

To configure the shader module uniforms:

const {vs, fs, getUniforms, ...} = assembleShaders(gl, {..., modules: [...]});

// create a program with the returned shaders using your preferred WebGL library

const uniforms = getUniforms(props);

// set returned uniforms on the program using your preferred WebGL library

GLSL Versions and Shader Module Transpilation

Shader Modules are automatically converted ("transpiled") to the version of the shader you are importing them into.

Shader Code Injection

By using the inject parameter, code can be injected into existing shaders.