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Model Integration

Note that the Model class is integrated with the assembleShaders system. The shader you pass to the Model class constructor will automatically be passed to assembleShaders if you supply modules parameter.

By passing your shaders to the assembleShaders function, the shadertools module adds platform detection and portability your shaders. In addition it also enables you to "inject" shader code (GLSL code) that has been packaged into reusable, composable "modules". And naturally, shadertools also allows you to create your own reusable shader modules.


const model = new Model(gl, {
  fs: '...',
  modules: [],

To use the shader module system directly to add/inject modules into your shaders, just call assembleShaders:

const {vs, fs, getUniforms, moduleMap} = assembleShaders(gl, {
  fs: '...',
  vs: '...',
  modules: [...],
  defines: {...}

To create a new shader module, you need to create the following object

const module = {
  name: 'my-module',
  vs: ....
  fs: null,
  dependencies: [],
  deprecations: [],

This object can be used as shader module directly, or you can register it so that it can be referred to by name.

new Model(gl, {..., modules: [module]});
new Model(gl, {..., modules: ['my-module']});