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picking (Shader Module)

Provides support for color-coding-based picking. In particular, supports picking a specific instance in an instanced draw call.

Color based picking lets the application draw a primitive with a color that can later be used to index this specific primitive.


In your vertex shader, your inform the picking module what object we are currently rendering by supplying a picking color, perhaps from an attribute.

attribute vec3 aPickingColor;
main() {

In your fragment shader, you simply apply (call) the picking_filterPickingColor filter function at the very end of the shader. This will return the normal color, or the highlight color, or the picking color, as appropriate.

main() {
  gl_FragColor = ...
  gl_FragColor = picking_filterPickingColor(gl_FragColor);

If you would like to apply the highlight color to the currently selected element call picking_filterHighlightColor before calling picking_filterPickingColor. You can also apply other filters on the non-picking color (vertex or highlight color) by placing those instruction between these two function calls.

main() {
  gl_FragColor = picking_filterHighlightColor(color);
   ... apply any filters on gl_FragColor ...
 gl_FragColor = picking_filterPickingColor(gl_FragColor);

JavaScript Functions


getUniforms returns an object with key/value pairs representing the uniforms that the picking module shaders need.

getUniforms({enabled, })

  • enabled=true (boolean) - Activates picking
  • selectedIndex=-1 (number) - The index of the selected item, or -1 if no selection.
  • highlightColor= (array)- Color used to highlight the currently selected
  • active=false (boolean) - Renders the picking colors instead of the normal colors. Normally only used with an off-screen framebuffer during picking.

Note that the selected item will be rendered using highlightColor.

Vertex Shader Functions

void picking_setPickingColor(vec3)

Sets the color that will be returned by the fragment shader if color based picking is enabled. Typically set from a pickingColor uniform or a pickingColors attribute (e.g. when using instanced rendering, to identify the actual instance that was picked).

Fragment Shader Functions


If picking active, returns the current vertex's picking color set by picking_setPickingColor, otherwise returns its argument unmodified.

vec4 picking_filterPickingColor(vec4 color)


Returns picking highlight color if the pixel belongs to currently selected model, otherwise returns its argument unmodified.

vec4 picking_filterHighlightColor(vec4 color)


  • It is strongly recommended that picking_filterPickingColor is called last in a fragment shader, as the picking color (returned when picking is enabled) must not be modified in any way (and alpha must remain 1) or picking results will not be correct.