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MultiPassRenderer (Experimental)

Renders a list of render passes


import {
  _MultiPassRenderer as MultiPassRenderer,
  _ClearPass as ClearPass,
  _RenderPass as RenderPass,
  _CopyPass as CopyPass
} from '';

class AppAnimationLoop extends AnimationLoop {

  onInitialize({gl}) {

    this.multiPassRenderer = new MultiPassRenderer(gl, [
      new ClearPass(gl),

      new RenderPass(gl, {
        models: [this.model]

      new ConvolutionPass(gl, {
         kernel: ConvolutionPass.KERNEL.EMBOSS

      new CopyPass(gl, {screen: true})

  onRender(animationProps) {


constructor(gl : WebGLRenderingContext, passes : Array)

render(animationProps : Object)

Renders (recursively, in case any CompositePasses are present) all the render passes.