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A material class specifies reflection properties of a shiny surface, uses Blinn-Phong model for underlying implementation.


Create a material class

const phongMaterial = new PhongMaterial({
  ambient: 0.2,
  diffuse: 0.5,
  shininess: 32,
  specularColor: [255, 255, 255]



The constructor for the PhongMaterial class. Use this to create a new PhongMaterial.

const phongMaterial = new PhongMaterial({ambient, diffuse, shininess, specularColor});
  • ambient - (number,) Ambient light reflection ratio, default value is 0.4.
  • diffuse - (number) Diffuse light reflection ratio, default value is 0.6.
  • shininess - (number) Parameter to control specular highlight radius, default value is 32.
  • specularColor - (array) Color applied to specular lighting, default value is [30, 30, 30].