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Creates a cone geometry.

The generated geometry will have indices and POSITION, NORMAL and TEXCOORD_0 attributes.


Create a Cone of base radius 2 and height 3.

import {Cone} from '';
const cone = new Cone({
  radius: 2,
  height: 3,
  cap: true


Cone extends Geometry.


constructor(props : Object)

The constructor for the Cone class. Use this to create a new Cone.

  • props.radius (number): The radius of the base of the cone.
  • props.cap=false (boolean, optional): Whether to put the cap on the base of the cone.
  • props.nradial=10 (number): Number of vertices used to create the disk for a given height.
  • props.nvertical=10 (number): Number of vertices for the height.